Something for Everyone at LDI 2005

Martin Professional heads to the LDI exhibition in Orlando with something for everyone including three world-premiere products; a prototype version of the new MAC TW1, an advanced tungsten wash fixture; Maxxyz PC, a computer based version of the popular Maxxyz console; and BigLite™ Xenon fixtures, high powered single arm moving heads. Other new lighting, sound and fog effects on display at the Martin booth (384) will be the MAC 700 Profile; Stage Cyclo; MAC 250 Wash; updated versions of Maxxyz and the Maxedia Digital Media Composer; new Mania series lights; a new fan and multi-headed fog system from Jem smoke; a new subwoofer from Mach speakers; and more!

MAC TW1: The new MAC TW1 is a 1200W tungsten wash fixture that brings to the stage avant-garde features and patent pending technology to equip the lighting designer with the broadest possibility of effects, colors and design. A twin lens zoom system, full CMY color mixing and choice of internal or external electronic dimming are contained in a sturdy magnesium structure that allows the fast and silent convection of heat away from the back of the fixture so the stage or set remains cool and quiet.

Maxxyz PC: This new computer based version of the popular Maxxyz console is an off-line and online editing tool that gives full Maxxyz functionality from the ease and convenience of a PC or laptop. It can be used for off-line programming and can be linked to any DMX interface device for direct control of fixtures. Featuring dongle-protected software without the need for expensive hardware, it is the ideal programming platform for a large variety of shows. Also, use Maxxyz PC in conjunction with the Maxxyz Wing, or as a backup to the Maxxyz console.

BigLite™: Martin Professional, Inc. has been appointed the exclusive distributor in North America for BigLite™ 4.5, 6.0, and 7.0 Xenon fixtures. Manufactured by ZAP Technology of France, BigLite™ products feature high powered Xenon lamp sources in a single arm moving head format. The BigLite™ 4.5 offers real-time color mixing and diffusion with electronic strobe effects and energy saving standby modes. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and is specifically designed for concert tours, film & television, architainment and live events. The space-aged plastic shells are sleek, water resistant and highly durable.

MAC 700 Profile: The MAC 700 is a high performance luminaire in Martin’s line of award-winning MAC moving heads. This powerful 700-watt luminaire houses the latest in lighting technology including a CMY color system plus color wheel, gobo animation plus two gobo wheels, motorized zoom, ‘Quiet Mode’ option and much more. Its superior optical system produces a remarkable light output, a light quality often better than competitive fixtures with higher rated lamps.

Stage Cyclo: Stage Cyclo is a unique full color mixing luminaire specially designed for installation in theatres and television studios with the flexibility and road-worthiness to be hung and re-hung on a regular basis like regular touring products. Stage Cyclo features four 54W high output fluorescent tubes in red, green, blue and white with the same full color mixing capabilities found in the top of the range Cyclo fixtures from Martin Architectural.

MAC 250 Wash: The MAC 250 Wash is the new 250-watt washlight in Martin’s MAC 250 Series. Equipped with important advancements like remarkably efficient reflector technology for greater output, extraordinarily fast and quiet movement, a variable frost filter for zoom effect, and a CMY color mixing system with a complementing color wheel, the MAC 250 Wash is the ideal accompaniment to the Martin Krypton and Entour profile spots.

RainMAC: Because rainwater can leak into the base of a lighting fixture and damage electrical circuitry causing all types of problems, Martin has developed the RainMAC, a simple and effective way to ensure that the show goes on by keeping rain off your MAC fixture. The robust and UV resistant RainMAC is ideal for outdoor events. Easy to install, the molded compound plastic guard fits all MAC moving head fixtures from the MAC 250 Series to the MAC 2000 Series.

Maxxyz v1.5: The popular Maxxyz lighting console has undergone a series of significant improvements to make it even more state of the art. Updates in version 1.5 include a complete PATCH revision, an overall speed upgrade, extended Preset functions, extended Copy commands, a number of Chase command revisions such as Chase Tap Sync/Learn timing, Chase Multipart timings, Chase directions, and more.

Maxedia v2.0: The Maxedia Digital Media Composer has received a host of user requested updates that reinforce its position as the industry’s most user friendly digital media server. Version 2.0 includes a new and intuitive graphical user interface, improved output resolution, keystoning and framing, live camera support, a Media Manager, extended Media Library, revised DMX protocol, updated digital file playback support, and more.

Mania SCX600: The Mania SCX600 is the newest scanner in the Mania series, an extraordinary and powerful 250W halogen moving mirror effect with state-of-the-art optics. The SCX600 features separate color and gobo wheels for a multitude of brilliant effects. Included are 7 interchangeable rotating gobos along with 9 interchangeable colors and a split color feature. The SCX600 is DMX controllable for ultimate manageability and is designed for both installation and portable use.

Mania EFX500: The Mania EFX500 is a spectacular 250W halogen effect light. It features a rotating and swiveling mirror drum for dynamic, razor sharp optics. A combined color and gobo wheel houses a myriad of sharp gobo designs. Other effects can be achieved through electronic dimming, strobe and manual focus. The EFX500 is DMX controllable for ultimate manageability and is designed for both installation and portable use.

Xciter Upgrade: A new software upgrade for Xciter, Martin’s multi layer embedded controller for live manipulation of light shows, now makes it the most powerful controller in its class. With the new upgrade, Martin has increased the controller’s functionality to make it more powerful both in programming and playback, while at the same time increasing its intuitiveness and ease of use. A comprehensive training DVD is also included.

Jem Hydra: Jem Hydra is a unique multi-headed fog system. Its 16 heads can be individually synchronized into waves of different outputs and effects so each head provides the most accurate but independent output for exactly what the moment and space requires. A centralized base contains fluid and temperature controls that let you place the heads – free from the bulk of fog fluid containers – into areas that were once difficult to reach.

Jem AF-2 Fan: The AF-2 Fan is a more powerful version of Jem’s industry standard AF-1 fan. Useful in a variety of environments including clubs, studios, theatres and touring applications, the AF-2 is both rugged and well designed. Easily truss mounted or floor positioned, the AF-2 can be remote or DMX controlled. Extremely powerful, it can be used alone or as part of a complete fog system by linking with other Jem machines.

Mach CW 115: The Mach CW 115 is the newest subwoofer in Mach’s C-Range of competitively priced, easy to install installation speakers. The CW 115 is a powerful reflex loaded sub which gives a deep and fast bass output. Constructed for heavy-duty use in professional environments, the CW 115 is designed to fit unobtrusively into any install environment and features the same flying point principles used on the C-Range top boxes. The CW 115 is an extremely powerful, yet compact and easy to install subwoofer matching the CN and CM series from the Mach C-Range.

Mach CI4 and CI6 – 100V Versions: The CI4 and CI6 are unique infill speakers that provide a brilliant hi-fi performance with clear speech intelligibility in an attractive design. With up to 4 individual power settings in 100V mode and the possibility of operating in 8 ohm the CI 4 and CI6 – 100V versions are extremely flexible in ensuring a high quality sound level. Featuring a special mounting system that dramatically cuts installation time in half while providing the ultimate flexibility, the CI series comes with everything included in the box.

Also, the first in a series of white CI Series (infill) molded speakers, the CI 6, will feature at LDI.

Universal USB/DMX Interface: Offering two universes, the Martin Universal USB/DMX Interface allows you to send or receive DMX through a USB hub and is designed to work with Maxxyz PC, LightJockey, Martin ShowDesigner (MSD) and future PC based products. Multiple devices can be connected and the device can be used for multiple purposes.

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