X-spat boX and Pro Tools for Tablo’

Tablo’ is a show created by a group of big Italian artists, like the illusionist Gaetano Triggiano and the soundtracks composer Angelo Talocci. The sign of the Canadian director Serge Denoncourt, that it has collaborated in the past with Le Cirque du Soleil, guarantees the quality of this extraordinary show.

Tablo’ has opened the famous Festival La Versiliana and will move in September at the Teatro Smeraldo in Milan. The show’s sound designer, Italo Lombardo, is one of the most famous Italian sound engineers, and, from the theatrical point of view, inside his credits stands out the multi-year collaboration with the unparalleled Italian showman, Giorgio Gaber. For the Tablo’ Premiere have been used a Digidesign Pro Tools HD and an A&G X-spat boX for the 7.1 soundscapes of the amazing “atto unico” that they constitute. The speakers setup, thanks to X-spat boX, has been adapted to the needs of the famous outdoor theatre. The 3D audio effects programmed will be exactly replicated
in the next performances, simply editing the speakers position parameters with X-Spat Controller software, in order to match the new positions the speakers will have in Milan.

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