Martin Xciter Upgraded

A new software upgrade for Xciter, Martin’s multi layer embedded controller for live manipulation of light shows, now makes it the most powerful controller in its class.

With the new upgrade, Martin has increased the controller’s functionality to make it more powerful both in programming and playback, while at the same time increasing its intuitiveness and ease of use.

Xciter puts programming, playback and live manipulation of light shows at users’ fingertips via easy-to-use buttons and faders for more spontaneous lighting effects. It provides instant pitch adjustment, freeze, flash, blackout, master fader and more. Its new features make it even more ideal for clubs, small touring and performance applications or even larger mobile DJs. Also, a complete training DVD is now available covering all of Xciter’s features, making introduction and usage a breeze.

Xciter features six general faders and two masters, six flash and four customizable buttons in which to trigger lighting and effects. It can now control up to 40 fixtures, each with up to 48 channels with a maximum of 512 channels – and it is now possible to save more shows.

The powerful effects generator allows users to apply effects, such as fanning, to all channels, faders, fixtures or groups of fixtures, facilitating the creation of a dynamic show. Functions such as strobe, smoke, mirror ball activation and more can be allocated to each of four programmable buttons for simplified effects juggling. And now the Xciter includes factory-programmed effects, presets that can quickly be assigned to a fixture or range of fixtures. Users can also create macro presets themselves to easily recall complex effect generator settings.

Users can now combine any patch with any show. Auto patching multiple fixtures and dimmers has been simplified by selecting the start address and letting Xciter do the rest. Assign effects, scenes or dimmers to any of six faders and flash buttons and access them live during playback. Users can also set the Grand Master Fader for overall light intensity and Pitch Fader to speed their show by up to five times. Xciter’s leading edge technology also allows different fixtures to follow base, mids or highs, giving a more dynamic show.

Playback sequences can now be altered during playback, and cue transparency is now more flexible and customizable. Playback values can even be added to an existing look. Stacking of background scenes in the cue, priority scheming of sequences, and cross fading playback faders result in very adaptive and flexible playback.

Users can connect their PC directly to Xciter via the USB connection to update fixture libraries, to back up, edit, export and import shows. The Xciter’s blue LCD displays permit easy navigation for show menu, dialogue and fader label screens. A jog wheel also delivers a friendly scrolling function through fader pages, and a joystick simplifies the manual pan and tilt control.

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