Martin’s Cyclo Takes the Stage

Stage Cyclo is a new and unique full color mixing luminaire from Martin Professional for the stage, studio and event lighting market. An adapted version of Martin Architectural’s successful Cyclo luminaire, Stage Cyclo is specially designed for installation in theatres and television studios with the flexibility to be hung and re-hung on a regular basis like regular touring products.

Subtle and even full color mixing

The Stage Cyclo features four 54W high output fluorescent tubes in red, green, blue and white with the same full color mixing capabilities found in the top of the range Cyclo fixtures from Martin Architectural. The Stage Cyclo features a double parabolic louvre reflector for maximum output and extremely even illumination coverage. In its standard finish the beam angle is approximately 55 degrees.

With the Stage Cyclo, subtle color changing effects can be achieved on a piece of set or scenery – for example, set work in television studios and for lighting cycloramas and similar backdrops in theatres. Because of its rugged construction and suitability for touring purposes, the Stage Cyclo will be just at home providing set lighting in a touring environment. In order to integrate with any set piece, fixtures are available in any color.

Road worthy and road friendly

Cyclo has undergone a number of changes to make it roadworthy. Rubber ends have been added for protection purposes and brackets have been attached on both the ends and the rear of the housing to accept Martin’s existing Omega bracket system. For rental houses or other users already familiar with Martin products, the hanging of individual fixtures will come as second nature.

A special system has been developed which allows successive Cyclos to be mounted as close as possible to each other to ensure an even distribution of light when working in a backlight situation. And for flexible floor mounting, the Stage Cyclo comes with built in retractable legs which can be set to a variety of angles. Further revisions include XLR connectors added to the data section of the fixture, both in 3 pin and 5 pin formats.

The Stage Cyclo is directly DMX addressable via a dipswitch panel, saving expense on further PCB’s to run an LED display and eliminating unnecessary information for people adapting to intelligent lighting for the first time.

A range of accessories will be made available for Stage Cyclo, providing lighting professionals even more applicational flexibility. Accessories will include acrylic covers for applications that require a completely diffused light source; manual barndoors to give precise control over the output, and much more.

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