RCF SpA Move 100

The Move 100 system is RCF’s answer to the increasing demand for a fully portable PA System, ideal for the education and AV markets as well as houses of worship and outdoor sports events.

The system allows you to produce speech and music where AC mains is not available or where to lay AC and Mic cables could interfere with or affect the performance. Both models have built-in wireless microphone receivers, a single-antenna VHF on Move 100-V or a more sophisticated UHF multi-channel diversity device on Move 100-U.

An integrated 16 channel UHF Diversity receiver allows you to work with up to 6 systems at the same time (TX 1600 or PX 1600 transmitter + Move 100-U receiving cabinet) set to different channels, simultaneously with no interference.

Additional inputs are available for the connection of music, such as CDs, iPods and other multi media sources as well as a separate input for wired microphone or other line-level devices. The Move 100 can also be directly connected to a laptop computer for AV presentations.

The weight is limited to just around 10 Kg, in addition to its handle, the robust transportation bag provided allows it to be hand carried. Additional pockets are also available for a wireless transmitter, CD player, spare microphone, cables and accessories. Thanks to its dynamic soft clip limiter Move 100 always gives maximum performance with undistorted sound quality, regardless of the situation.

The cabinet works with an integrated long-life 12V battery that can be easily recharged from the mains or from a 12VDC source (Car cigarette lighter socket). The energy management system of Move 100 includes an auto-stand-by feature that automatically switches off the amplifier when not in use for a certain time and quickly switches it on again without interruption. Due also to the high efficiency of the MOVE 100 amplifier it allows complete usage for around 12 hours without AC mains.

The Move 100 acoustic performance is second to none. Move 100 is a 2 way bi-amplified active loudspeaker, fitted with two 8″ long throw woofers and a 1” high frequency driver on a wave-guide. Biamp section achieves a max. SPL of 120 dB with 70+20 Watt power.

The extended frequency response: 70-18,000 Hz with a cross-over point of 2,2 KHz with a 12 dB/octave cross-over slope gives you both accurate speech intelligibility and optimal music performance.

For further information: www.rcf.it

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