Rupert Neve Expands Company

Continuing his distinguished career in pro audio, Rupert Neve is pleased to announce the expansion of his company. Drake Williams has joined the technical design team of Kevin Burgin and Michael Glass. Sandra Kuhns has joined the management team.

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Burgin, Drake Williams, Michael Glass and
Rupert Neve

The company has acquired new premises in Flite Acres, Wimberley, Texas and
plans to expand the facility shortly to handle the increasing demand for
products embodying the principles of very high musical quality that has
become synonymous with Rupert Neve’s name over the years. ARN Consultants
L.L.C. — the corporate operating company — is now trading as Rupert Neve

Successful R&D designs, now in production by Taylor Guitars, have encouraged
Rupert to take his innovative skills further into these new areas.

After three years of R&D in close collaboration with Billy Stull of
Masterpiece Mastering, a product focused on the burgeoning field of
mastering, “The Masterpiece,” has evolved. “The Masterpiece” will be
unveiled on Booth 209 at AES San Francisco.

After a 15-year relationship between Rupert Neve and Amek, which saw the
launch of a number of Super Analogue consoles and several ranges of outboard
gear in collaboration with Amek co-founder Graham Langley, the Amek
consultancy has come to an end.

Rupert Neve Designs will shortly be announcing three new ranges of outboard
equipment manufactured in Wimberley.

For further information please contact: [email protected]

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