Martin and Jem at PLASA 2004

Martin heads to the PLASA exhibition in London with an array of exciting, new products including a media server that elevates and expands the creative use of digital lighting, and a flexible wing extension for the popular Maxxyz lighting console. Martin continues to serve the club/DJ market with a new promotional projector and flower effect light, as well as a new portable yet powerful smoke machine. A number of other lighting tools and updates will also be on display.

Jem Smoke comes to this year’s PLASA exhibition with an updated version of the industry standard Jem AF-1 fan, as well as an update of the industry’s most versatile low fog generator.

Maxedia Digital Media Composer: Martin invites you to experience a new level of digital lighting creativity with the new Maxedia Digital Media Composer. Maxedia, which includes integrated DMX control, provides full control of both lighting and video elements. Maxedia boasts a number of advantages over other digital media servers including up to a maximum of 20 layers simultaneously; 3D effects with unique real-time manipulation; programming and playback without the use of a DMX lighting console; the use of no more than 25 DMX channels, and more! And if these don’t convince users, a price comparison should.

Maxxyz Playback Wing: The new Maxxyz Playback Wing is the first module in a new Wing System that expands the console’s functionality and gives users the ability to customize and add more direct access. The adaptable Wing expands the direct playback access of Maxxyz by three times and allows the Maxxyz operator to navigate through a show with even greater speed. The Wing System’s freely configurable design consists of two Playback Modules in one frame, allowing the possibility to create a Wing by incorporating any two modules, the ultimate customized solution.

Mania PR1: The Mania PR1 is the first promotional projector in Martin’s Mania series of low-cost, high quality DJ lights. This high precision optic luminaire can herald an image, logo, decoration or message onto any wall, floor or ceiling. With a rotating, interchangeable pattern disk you can adjust your message to whatever the occasion. Gobo rotation speed is adjustable and brightness and clarity are exceptional. A color slot for interchangeable color filters adds to its functionality. And as with all Mania products, there is no duty cycle, meaning no cool down periods so it can run all night!

Ego X4: The Martin Egolution has added DMX control with the Ego X4, a DMX controllable flower effect that projects razor sharp graphics and brilliant new gobo designs to add uniqueness to the DJ light show. This highly individual 250-watt effect houses a combined color/gobo wheel and features new radical gobo designs unlike any other effect light. Top quality projection optics combine with a precise manual focus adjustment to produce extremely sharp, detailed projections. The Ego X4 is both lightweight and highly portable.

Magnum 1500: The Magnum name continues its reputation as a benchmark for top quality foggers with the new Magnum 1500, a portable yet powerful smoke machine for DJs and small clubs. Wrapped in Martin’s efficient Mania series design, the Magnum 1500 features a robust 1200-watt heater, remote control and DMX compatibility while versatile positioning options allows for horizontal or more vertical projection. Based on proven Jem technology and built from rugged components, the competitively priced Magnum 1500 is designed for years of reliable service.

Jem AF-2 Fan: The AF-2 Fan is a more powerful updated version of Jem’s industry standard AF-1 fan. Useful in a variety of environments including clubs, studios, theatres and touring applications, the AF-2 is both rugged and well designed. Easily truss mounted or floor positioned, the AF-2 can be remote or DMX controlled. Compact and extremely powerful, it can be used alone or as part of a complete fog system by linking with other Jem machines.

Jem Glaciator X-Stream: This powerful “big brother” of the heavy-fog Glaciator is a self-contained, “plug-in and go”, low fog generating system. It has two built in high velocity fans, a new highly efficient compressor and newly designed chassis to ensure a continuous flow of dense white fog. It also features remote fluid capability, reduced noise operation and a refrigeration capacity that has been increased by 50%. The Glaciator X-Stream is ideal for low lying fog generation in theatres, clubs, theme parks, concerts and more.

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