Martin Maxxyz Spreads its Wings

Martin Professional has made available the first module in a new Wing System for its popular Maxxyz lighting control desk that expands the console’s functionality and gives users the ability to customize and add more direct access.

An adaptable Playback Wing, the first of several Wing Modules to be made available, expands the direct playback access of Maxxyz by three times and allows the Maxxyz operator to navigate through a show with even greater speed.

Increased functionality

The Playback Wing consists of two Playback Modules in one frame, adding 20 motorized faders with 20 customizable LCD buttons and extending the playback capabilities of Maxxyz. The Playback Wing also includes 10 additional LCD buttons, also customizable for easy navigation, plus 40 conventional buttons – more advanced features than competitive equivalents.

Flexible, modular design

The Wing System’s modular design is freely configurable, allowing the possibility to create a Wing by incorporating any two modules. As further Wing options become available, it will be possible to combine different modules – thereby customizing it for a specific application. Modules are easily attachable, making it fast to re-configure a wing to suit one’s needs. The frame can be used with a single Wing module if desired.

Maxxyz console and Maxxyz PC functionality

Wing modules are robust and easily connected directly to the Maxxyz console’s rear panel, or to a USB port on a laptop/desktop computer and used in conjunction with the Maxxyz PC, which will be released towards the end of 2004.

The Maxxyz Wing System follows the same contours as Maxxyz itself and can be placed on the left or right side of the main console, depending on the user’s preference. Multiple Wings can be placed on both sides of the main console if desired to give the ultimate customized solution. Use of multiple Wings for further functionality is simple.

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