Maxxyz Swiss TV Debut

The Martin Maxxyz lighting controller continued its sweep across the European lighting control market after a successful stint on a live Saturday evening TV show on Switzerland’s Channel One, VIP Parade.

Company Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik, in cooperation with TPC TV Production Center of Zurich, completed the project for producers B&B Endemol. Broadcast on April 3rd, it was the first use of the Maxxyz controller on a live Swiss TV show. It was also the initial use of the soon-to-be-launched Maxxyz Playback Wing.

Besides the Maxxyz, other Martin gear was utilized including 22 MAC 550 profile spots, 2 MAC 2000 Profile, 8 MAC 2000 Wash and 16 electronic ballast MAC 600 NT washlights, as well as 26 Martin Architectural Cyclo 04 DMX fluorescent color mixers for enhancing effect. Winkler supplied the Maxxyz and all Martin lighting to TPC TV Production Center, distributed for Switzerland by ASL Electronic AG/SA.

Maxxyz impression

Ronald Huber, lighting designer and operator for Winkler, was the man behind the Maxxyz for the TV event. He commented on his initial look at the console. “ASL provided us with a Maxxyz console to look at and play around with. I had my initial doubts but the console turned out to be a practical and improving console – and it looks good too. After a (too) short stay at the facilities of R&D International in Belgium, I was very surprised by the level it had already reached.”

After finding his way around the console, Ronald decided to employ it on the VIParade show. He commented, “Working with the Maxxyz Visualizer is very comfortable, especially when you work in a TV studio where the lighting control room has no direct view to the stage. With this tool I always had my own view available. Recording and editing cues and cuelists is fast and logical, and moving around of cuelists from one playback fader to the other, especially in combination with the Playback Wing, made programming easy, fast and convenient.

“The virtual cuelist prevents me from deleting stuff I need later in programming – nothing was lost. Likewise, it kept my desk clean of cues that I had written when trying something out that I thought I might need later. The parameter copying made programming and correction relatively easy and fast. It isn’t limited by the copying of a single fixture parameter; it even gave me the opportunity to copy entire fixture groups or a single parameter to entire groups. This speeded up programming enormously.

“In general, the console performed quite well meaning there were no crashes during the entire production. I was able to do whatever I wanted to do – it has every feature to program and run a show.”

VIP Lighting

On the lighting design side, the brief called for a mixture of show and decorative lighting, and because the stage was empty most of the time, light was an important ornamental element. Ronald also kept the entire stage full of lighting effects for different camera perspectives.

Most of the lighting fixtures were hung from an overhead truss with some floor-positioned fixtures placed on special dollies for increased mobility and flexibility. This gave Ronald the opportunity to create the best look for each scene. “The wide range of Martin lights makes it possible to use a special fixture for every use,” Ronald stated. “I didn’t have to make compromises when designing the looks and concept.

“It was awesome to experience the outstanding support from both ASL’s Sébastien Wira and Martin’s Gerald Heise; first by giving us the opportunity to use the Playback Wing and ending by helping me to sort out software and programming issues.”

Project Manager: Roger Wydler (Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG)
Operator/Design: Ronald Huber (Winkler Veranstaltungstechnik AG)
Head Cameraman: Peter Smith (TPC)
White Light: Hans Peter Tenger (TPC)
Director: Paul Fischer
Producers: B&B Endemol Hannes Bichsel
Artists: Nek, Plüsch, Dick Brave and the Backbeats


22 x MAC 550
16 x MAC 600 E NT
8 x MAC 2000 Wash
2 x MAC 2000 Profile
26 x Cyclo 04 DMX
1 x Cyberlight SV
8 x ACL 4er PAR64
2 x Maxxyz (1 x show, 1 x backup)
1 x Maxxyz Playback Wing

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