DPL in Victory Lighting

For the third year, DPL supplied Christmas lighting to jazz up and add pizzazz to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard’s annual “A Festival of Christmas” international fair.

Centrepiece was HMS Victory, Admiral Lord Nelson’s famous battleship, aboard which he died during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The Victory – still UK’s oldest commissioned warship, and now a major heritage attraction – had its lighting boosted for “A Festival of Christmas, with five City Colour architectural colour changing luminaires. These were located on the dockside. DPL’s Darren Parker also added a Space Flower on the rear deck of the ship, positioned carefully so the twisting split beams shot through the vessel’s masts and elaborate rigging systems.

A large Christmas tree sat on the dockside in front of the Victory, decorated with multi-coloured festoons, sourced and supplied by DPL specially for this project.

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