Fabric Upgrades with Coemar and Pixel Par

Top London club fabric has made a major lighting investment with Coemar UK and its sister company, Lighting Effects Distribution.

Part of a systematic upgrade at the venue, iSpot 575 moving heads, iCyc 250’s, ProSpot 250’s and a variety of LED-based products will add to the new kinetic energy in Rooms 1, 2 and 3 as a result of a new design from Dave Parry’s technology team at the club.

The new equipment is predominantly for Room 2. “The room is essentially a black box, but I wanted to put a bit more focus onto the lasers,” explained Parry. “The room contains a massive block of colour and we have used Coemar iCyc 250s as an architectural backdrop.”

At the same time the club has used six Thomas Pixel Par 87’s from Lighting Effects Distribution to highlight the structural arches and create an extra dimension, along with a pair of Coemar iSpot 575’s and CF as a centrepiece effect. Dave Parry has worked the design around some of the existing fixtures, giving him more targets for the 1W laser, and consequently a far more dramatic lightshow.

His decision to use Coemar was carefully considered, and based on brightness, colour saturation and build quality. “Our old lighting was four years old and had reached the end of its life. I have always liked Coemar products and specified their yokes — ProSpots 250s and 575s — for Rehab in Leeds, where they have continued to work well.”

Dave Parry was clear from the outset how he planned to ramp up the energy level — and in the Coemar catalogue he found the products to enable him to fufil this. “We can now produce a full-on lightshow in Room 2, which is filled with colour, while the use of the architectural LED effects creates a great environment for the corporate market.”

But his lighting upgrade doesn’t stop with Room 2. In Room 1 Fabric have installed four further iSpot 575’s along with two iCyc 250’s and another CF7. The iSpots fill the space with beams, ceiling mounted off the original truss, which is repatchable.

The Room 3 makeover also includes an installation of eight Coemar ProSpot 150’s.

Summarised Dave Parry, “I’m very pleased with the high impact of these effects. We went with Coemar because we knew we would get the support, and when we measured the iSpot against the other market leaders it walked all over them in terms of features and performance.”

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