Disney Chooses Stark1200

Also Disney chooses Stark1200 projectors to present the cartoon of the year:
‘Finding Nemo’. Last Sunday the preview of the new Disney movie took place
in the Adrian’s Theatre in Rome. In this very important happening the
theatre staging was conceived by the director Paolo Buroni acting in
accordance with one of Disney’s editors and ‘ABC’ from Rome which took care
of the production. All together they created an environment linked to the
submarine habitat in which the cartoon itself took place.

It was not easy to create this kind of environment even though the idea was
considered amazing from the beginning. There were many logistic problems and
of layout as well, in fact, the Adrian’s Theatre has a very articulate
internal made up of three floors on open space. Moreover, the theatre hall
has a series of functional exigencies located in the place reserved to the

Finally, to obtain the submarine immersion effect it was necessary to set
22 Stark1200 projectors in order to project the images on all the walls, on
the ceiling and on the floor as well.

The direction had the purpose to transmit the sensation of immersion in the
water and it was realized by slow movements of scrolling together with
aquatic effects and a background of cheery and rhythmical jazz music.

This feeling of total immersion was generated, as can be easily realized, by
the imagines that invaded the three ceilings and the offset and threedimensional floors so that it was create a great sense of depth.

Stark informs everybody that the next multivision will be projected on the
fa├žade of the Casino in San Remo during the whole Christmas time. Enjoy the show.

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