Fashion Rocks with XL Video

Live video production specialists XL Video UK were the main Video suppliers for the Fashion Rocks fundraising event at the Royal Albert Hall, to which they supplied projection, screen, cameras, and their Digital OB truck.

The Princes Trust event was produced by Clearchannel Entertainment.

It was presented by Liz Hurley and Denis Leary, and featured performances from some of the biggest names in rock including Beyonce Knowles, Robbie Williams, Bryan Ferry and Sheryl Crow, and 17 international fashion designers, from Armani to Prada to YSL. Clearchannel’s production manager was Phil Christensen.

The massive screen – one of the largest video projection screens ever made, was 27 metres wide by 14 metres deep, and covered the whole of the RAH’s upstage area.

XL commissioned screen manufacturers ECT to produce the Matt Bright front projection surface. It was hung and stretched onto a rectangular truss with a slight curvature, providing a dramatic backdrop to the funky under-lit circular catwalk in the centre of the RAH arena. The whole set was designed by Bill Laslett.

It was vital that the projection was very bright, hence the decision to use
8 Barco ELM R18 projectors (the brightest on the market) all overlaid, plus the custom made matt bright front projection surface.

Two 16 x 12 repeater screens were supplied for the restricted view seats, fed by Barco SLM G5’s.

XL’s projection team was led by project manager Paul Wood, with projectionists John Edwards, Warren Galt and Stuart Heeney.

XL’s Chris Saunders, stationed in the OB truck, produced and edited the video content material which was stored on hard drives. Everything going live to screen during the show was mixed by Blue Leach, including 12 Initial TV camera feeds and two of XL’s own cameras, plus all the various pre-recorded playback sources.

XL’s chief engineer was Richard Burford, who was also responsible for playback of the show’s audio ‘stings’ and VOG announcements.

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