PixelPAR for Xmas in Leicester Square

James Thomas Engineering has supplied 40 of its new PixelPAR 90 (A) architectural luminaires to Westminster City Council, to illuminate the trees in Leicester Square for the Festive season.

The scheme was designed by Ian Kirby of Lighting Effects Distribution and Steve Owen. The Square is lit every year for the Christmas period, but they wanted to do something dramatically different for 2003/04. Utilising an energy efferent lightsource was also very much at the conceptual essence of this year’s project!

Three PixelPAR 90 (A) units are rigged in the branches of each of the Square’s trees. JTE devised a low maintenance control system, featuring a custom-built box located in the last-minute-ticket booth, complete with in-built colour chases. The box is programmed to switch on at a predetermined time and step through a repeating sequence of colour changes until switch off time. The PixelPAR units are powered from local hard mains available in the square.

The PixelPAR 90 (A) was previewed at PLASA this year and is officially launched at LDI. James Powell, head of Pixel R ‘n’ D, comments that it’s “Really great” to have such a high profile first installation for the new fixture.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone switched on Leicester Square’s lighting, and the illuminations will last until mid January.

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