Design & Drafting LD Assistant PL03 w/FX

Building upon the success of its LD Assistant software in the Theatrical & Entertainment Lighting Design Software market, Design and Drafting, a subsidiary of Chicago Stage Equipment, Inc., the world’s leading entertainment lighting design software company, today released LD Assistant PL03 w/FX, an AutoCAD-Plug-in optimized for theatrical & entertainment lighting design. The software helps lighting designers, create better lighting plots, animations and presentations, reduce costs, and shorten time to market for their projects.

Unlike offerings from other vendors, it is the only entertainment lighting design software to offer advanced lighting and rendering tools. Included are, Atmospheric Lighting & Lens Effects, volume light (smoke in the beam) and lens effects (Glow, Ring, Noise, Secondary, Star and Streak).

LD Assistant PL03 is aimed at theatrical & Entertainment Lighting Designs in an easy to use package. Sophisticated, streamlined, intuitive lighting and animation wizards, ensure that you will get started quickly without having to become a lighting designer or animator to produce outstanding work quickly.

“AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop users can now, for the first time, easily create high-end, photo-realistic images and animation with professional lighting effects,” says Rufus Warren, President of Design & Drafting. With an AutoCAD-native interface, users can leverage their knowledge of AutoCAD and be productive from the start.

Customers Rave About New Offering

Design & Drafting customers that have beta-tested the product applaud its functionality and price/performance value.

“We use LD Assistant to layout events for a numbers of large cooperate companies,” said Don Kelly of PPA Visual Designs Inc. “LD Assistant PL03 saves us time and helps us to show our clients what the finished project will look like. This program is a real asset to our company.”

“Most lighting design programs I’ve worked with over my career were difficult to use, had limited features, and were not fully integrated into the AutoCAD application. Design & Drafting has done it right! LD Assistant PL03 is the best lighting package available and will help add to the bottom line,” said Thomas French, president of TLF Design & Services. “PL03 has an abundant amount of feature-rich tools—plots are easily created and can be saved as AVI movies, show, BOM and other reports can be made with ease, and the AutoBuild room wizard really helps with getting started.”

Feature Highlights
LD Assistant PL03 is the perfect solution for anyone designing or laying out lighting plots and producing client presentations. With drag and drop, point and click, high-end lighting and animation tools are in an interface already familiar to Autodesk users. Adding professional lighting and animation to your work has never been easier.

Auto Illumination is only one of the advanced lighting wizards in LD Assistant for creating professional lighting. Users can point at an object they want to light, and LD Assistant will place the key light, Fill light and Back light in the drawing to Illumination the object.

Lighting FX
Advanced lighting and rendering tools include, Atmospheric Lighting & Lens Effects, Volume Light (smoke in the beam) and lens effects (Glow, Ring, Noise, Secondary, Star and Streak).

Animation tools are easy to use. Draw a polyline for the camera path, place a camera on the line then use the animation Wizard to create amazing flybys and walk-throughs in millions of colors. What could be easier?

Transparent Link to VIZ or 3D Studio
At anytime during the design process, with a simple click, VIZLink will search your computer for and load your current work into VIZ or 3D Studio, including lights, textures, gobos, objects and animation paths.

LD Assistant PL03 is available now from Design & Drafting, priced at $1,295.00

For more information visit or call (708) 499-0107

About Design & Drafting
In a short time, Design & Drafting has grown into one of the industry’s leading lighting design software companies. Design & Drafting provides solutions that combine industry-leading software with innovative ideas.

Design & Drafting’s goal is simple, but far-reaching—to deliver the tools needed to help the customer create real, tangible results quickly.

Helping to make the most of the design, from initial concepts and drafts through the final build only Design & Drafting offers such a great return on investment in real time, inspiring feedback, and savings of time and effort; encompassing the entire project and opening a whole world of possibilities.

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