Blink TV at Creamfields

Blink TV production managed and supplied video for the Creamfields Main outdoor stage, consisting of a 30 square metre mobile LED screen, cameras and PPU, for the bank holiday festival at old Speke Airfield in Liverpool. Over 30,000 ravers flocked to site for an all night extravaganza of music and fun.

This was the fourth year that Blink TV has been involved in the event, and the second time that Creamfields themselves – in conjunction with Clearchannel Entertainment – have run the main stage, this year headlined by Massive Attack.

The hardware was supplied to Blink by the Preston-based ADI Group.

Blink ran graphics on the screen for the first 2 bands – Gus Gus and Mint Royale, taking feeds from their laptops onstage, synching them to the screen, and mixing them into the live camera feeds. For Paul Oakenfold’s set, they ran DVD visuals as he closed the open air stage’s programme for the evening.

In conjunction with Zamano and A-Text, Blink also ran an interactive texting service – the proceeds of which went to local charities – which included competitions, and messages broadcast across the screen during selected sets and in the changeovers. Participants could text a remote website, which received the messages and separated them into those relevant to the competitions and those clamouring to appear onscreen. These were then bounced back to laptops on site and censored for inappropriate content before being sent to screen.

Blink also ran dance orientated video programmes during the changeovers, consisting primarily of colourful, fast-moving graphics, inter-spliced with some adverts. Most of the changeovers were very tight, so they had to slot in and improvise where they could.

The event was project managed for Blink by Tomas Llewellyn, who comments, “An event like Creamfields demonstrates clearly that people are becoming increasingly aware of the additional benefits of screens, apart from for running conventional programming and band IMAG”.

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