Blink TV on American Idol

Large screen entertainment and media specialists Blink TV has taken its winning formulas to the 42 date American Idol 2003 tour.

This follows on from Blink’s work on the UK Pop Idol tour, the first American Idol tour in 2002 and this year’s German version, “Superstar”. Blink was again working for 19 Management, creators of the ‘Idol’ concept, and was the only UK contractor involved in the first American Idol tour to also work on the second.

Blink Production managed the tour’s live video, with hardware and a 6-person crew supplied via LA-based XL Video Inc, in conjunction with their European sister companies XL Video UK and XL Belgium.

The American Idol video package consisted of 2 side screens, a centre stage screen – framed by the set into an elliptical shape, projectors, 3 cameras and a digital PPU. The live video director was Kate Ferris, and the theme mirrored the look of the Fox TV series.

In addition to the hardware, Blink TV’s production department, led by Marcus Viner, produced a diverse selection of video content material for all 9 artists on the tour. The production brief had originally been to make all the bumpers and ‘kiss-offs’ that open and close each act, but this was then extended to include playback inserts for all artists …. a massive production job in its own right.

Highlight of the show was 2003 American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. The tour followed he successful variety show format of other Idol live shows, and kicked off in St Paul, Minneapolis in the new Xcel Energy Centre arena. It then went on to play venues averaging 12 – 13,000 capacity, and was seen by over half a million people.

The show’s producer was Gary Lloyd, and it’s tour managed by Bill Barclay, a veteran of all the other ‘Idol’ related tours.

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