Zenith – Paris 17th September 2003

First International Day of Entertainment for ill-treated childhood and against paedophilia – The entertainment world, artists and technicians, want to ask everyone to take action and to show a powerful refusal against the paedophiles and their supporters.

The “Chasseurs d’enfants” Association has decided to support “Le Bouclier” by liking it to the gathering and by donating the incomes of the gathering which will take place on 17th September and of the sales of CDs and DVDs of the song “CHASSEUR D’ENFANTS”.

In a time when we can only notice the presence of many obstacles to the fight against paedo-criminals and the persistent public opposition to progress, it is again the private initiative that takes an active role, refusing to accept violence on children as a misfortune, a fact of our society or coming from the public being unable to stop it.

Because a society that can’t protect its children from ill-treatments, violence and the paedophiles is an intolerable society; Le Bouclier, together with the promoters of this gathering and all the contributors, asks all internauts to create a mass-manifestation and to send their protests to their governments, to fight against “laissez-faire” which can be noticed by everybody, especially on the internet.

With the participation of:
Francis Lalanne will be the sponsor and godfather of the gathering; and there will be also Hubert Felix Thiefaine , Kaliman, Wiya , Sofi Hellborg (Suede), Kiala (Ghetto Blaster), Sabine (with Le Gospel de Sarcelles) , Souad Massi , Les Wriggles , Corine , Nina Morato, Les Porte Mentaux , Deromedi, Jil Caplan , Les Z’imbert & Moreau , Dominic Sonic, Nicoletta with the Mood Orchestra, Nathalie Cardone , Les Trois Hyens, Phil Barney, Marlène Duval, Pino D’Angio (Italy), Paul Personne, Renaud Hantson , Gaël Le Forestier, Nono (Trust) and Eric Bamy, Manu Lanvin, Bruno Salomone, Tex, Christelle Chollet, Valérie Duchâteau…

A clip to defend our children www.chasseursdenfants.com


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