LM Productions LLP

LM Productions LLP were invited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) to develop a unique event showing that Hong Kong has re-opened to the world as an exciting and vibrant tourist destination after the various problems of 2003.

The production working in Hong Kong produced an exciting and unique carnival style event which had some impressive technical aspects such as the 360 degree video on the StratoSphere. The show had two elements, a water based element as described below and a land based element which included a children’s parade, a carnival and bungee aerial acts from hydraulic cranes. The show was crafted to tell a moving story about Hong Kong being a vibrant and exciting international city of the world. The theme for the show was “Live it Love it. Hong Kong”.

Some of the logistics involved: 5 barges, 4 tugs, 250 tonne floating cranes, 17 tonnes of technical equipment, radio SMPTE control for all material, 6 weeks of show production, and 15 UK technicians from LMP along with 20 local technicians from sub-contractors.

The location for this show was in front of the Hong Kong Convention Centre in Victoria Harbour, the same site that the Handover Ceremonies in 1997 took place.

Stephen Harvey said, “We undertook this show knowing that the logistics where going to be hard. We also had to compete with the elements with the technicians having to cope with days of extreme weathers (typhoons) which are numerous at this time of the year”.

The show consisted of the following equipment, 8 high powered video projection systems (producing 72,000 ansi lumens) with an 8 channel video server, 7 high powered laser display systems including two of the new Genesis 40 watt lasers (170 watts combined), large display of both automated and generic lighting systems controlled by Grand MA UltraLite using wireless artistic license Ethernet hubs, a sound system with wireless transmission from barges to land, two 18×36 metre waterscreens and our latest 60 ft StratoSphere. The whole show was driven by radio SMPTE time code.

Full details will be on the web site www.lasermagic.com in the near future.

LMP have also been contracted for the following events in 2003:

HKTB Tourism Show – San Francisco, USA
All African Games – Abuja, Nigeria
Afro Asian Games – Hyderabad, India
AXE Product Launch – Mumbai, India
Honda Product Launch – UK

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