Chroma-Q™ Lighting Range Expanded

A.C. Lighting has added 3 more products to its exclusively distributed Chroma-Q™ range.

Chroma-Q™ Mirror

The Chroma-Q™ Mirror is a motorised mirror attachment which mounts onto fixed position spotlights to achieve many of the effects traditionally only available with high priced intelligent moving lights.

Controlled via DMX or a non DMX pre-recorded chase, the moving mirror accurately redirects a fixed position beam of light through a pan of 230° and a tilt of 57°, making it a very cost-effective and space-saving option for illuminating multiple locations using just a single spotlight.

As well as being compatible with most standard medium and narrow beam profile fixtures, the unit can also be used with the Chroma-Q™ Broadway scroller to provide moving colour and daisy chained to other Chroma-Q™ lantern accessories to combine moving light with dynamic colour changing and gobo rotating effects.

Chroma-Q™ Daylight PAR
Designed primarily for trade show use the Chroma-Q™ Daylight PAR features a hot restrike lamp with an unusually high colour rendition. As a result, colours appear more natural and vibrant when illuminated by this fixture. The unit is based around the rugged and familiar ETC Source 4 PAR and is supplied with lamp, barndoor and a set of 4 lenses.

The integrated flicker free DMX controlled power supply enables remote on, off and power save mode features, making it particularly suitable for filming application and aiding lamp life. A 2000 hour lamp option is also available if required.

Chroma-Q™ Playback Controller
If you have a need for a fit-and-forget inexpensive 8 channel controller then look no further than the Chroma-Q™ Playback Controller.

Requiring no additional software or hardware to program, the ultra-compact Chroma-Q™ Playback Controller allows users to manually adjust Hold and Fade times for up to 25 programmable Looks.

With a list price of only £199 and the option of linking units together to provide more channels if required, the Chroma-Q™ Playback Controller represents a very cost-effective solution for a wide range of display applications.

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