Butterfly OutLine Array at the PLASA

The C.D.H. 483 Hi-Pack element (which has two patents pending, both applied for in mid-2002), is a bi-amp 3-way cabinet, which uses mechanical interaction rather than DSP to achieve its goal.

It uses two forward facing 8″ cone transducers and two further 8″ cone drivers. These are acoustically coupled and do not require DSP. The HF section uses a compression driver with a 3″ diaphragm, as a line source can only be achieved by using one high frequency driver. Connected to this is a patent pending Double Parabola developed by Guido Noselli (DPRWG). This radical new HF configuration works as a ribbon driver but with a very high efficiency (110 dB 1w/1m).

The C.D.H. 483 Hi-Pack element weighs in at a meagre 35kgs, including its integral flying system. Outline carefully studied the mechanical alignment and the physical method of rigging: a linear geared track incorporated on the rear of the cabinet allows fine adjustment of 0.25 and (on request) 0.1 degrees. At only 35kg. each, 32 Hi-Pack modules can be flown using a single motor. The C.D.L. 1815 Butterfly’s Low-Pack element also has a patent application pending. It utilises ADLS (Adjustment Directivity Loudspeaker System). Fitted with a 18″ woofer for front emission and a 15” woofer inside the box, it gives “cardioid” dispersion of the frequency band reproduced. Average rear attenuation is 15dB from 40 to 120Hz. At only 45.8 kg. each, up to 24 elements can be flown from a single motor. These elements also have integral flying hardware and thanks to its unique design and light weight can be incorporated into an array with Hi-Pack modules. Software has been developed for the Butterfly product range.

The systems’ V.I.P. (Vector Implementation Protocol) software has a totally different concept from MS Excel spreadsheet solutions and enables real-time calculation of the actual number of systems required to give optimum coverage for any given area. The software then shows the horizontal coverage of the systems used in a separate window. For further details, Guido Noselli’s White Paper is available on www.outline.it

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