Martin @ PLASA 2003

The PLASA exhibition has traditionally been the launching pad for the latest in innovative lighting products from Martin Professional and this year’s show will be no exception. Martin heads to Earl’s Court with an array of new products including three new MAC luminaires, new club effects, and the first light in Martin’s new Mania series of DJ products. Version 1.0 of the new Maxxyz controller will be on hand as well, as will other new control products.

MAC 550: Fully loaded with a host of innovative features, the MAC 550 redefines standards for a mid-range, 400-watt moving head. The 550 features unprecedented illumination, multiple graphical options including a gobo animation system, two 8 slot color wheels, motorized 14 to 30 degree zoom and a multitude of other features all wrapped within the award winning design of the MAC 2000.

MAC 250 Entour: One of two new versions of Martin’s groundbreaking 250-watt automated profile spot, the Entour includes a number of important advancements including a superior optical system and new achromatic lens system, all new gobo designs, an additional gobo wheel, a specially designed dimming system and more. It is ideal for stage, studio and event applications, permanent installations and much more.

MAC 250 Krypton: Another new version of the groundbreaking MAC 250 Profile, the Krypton features a number of significant changes including a new glass reflector for brighter output and improved image quality, new gobo patterns, improved movement, all-new design and more. It will find service in the club and installation market, retail and leisure applications, special events and more.

Maxxyz Version 1.0: Already specified for a number of touring, TV and special event applications, as well as club installations, Maxxyz version 1.0 is ready for release and will be on display at the PLASA exhibition. Maxxyz is Martin’s new professional lighting console and the most advanced stage lighting console on the market today thanks to a string of highly original features and intuitive design.

Mania EF1: Mania EF1 is the first in Martin’s new series of high quality yet affordable DJ effects that will encompass effect lights, color changers, strobes, deco effects, scanners, promotional lights, smoke machines and more. Featuring a clean yet stylish design, Mania EF1 is a dynamic flower effect housing 6 colored patterns useful as revolving dance floor motifs, funky wall projections or soaring mid-air effects. With no duty cycle to worry about, the Mania EF1 remains comfortably cool hour after hour, meaning it can run uninterrupted, all night long.

Atomic Colors: Creating an array of colored opportunities for your Atomic 3000 DMX, Atomic Colors is a specially designed, easily attachable head that fits onto the front of the Atomic 3000 DMX. It allows for projection of up to ten brightly colored strobe and blinder effects, adding a further creative dimension to the most powerful and dynamic strobe light on the market.

CX-10: The CX-10 is a multi-dimensional atmosphere generator featuring an automated color and effect wheel. It can refurbish and redefine space by adding a taste of the dramatic with kaleidoscopic lighting effects or give way to subtler wash and pattern effects.

Xciter: Xciter is a hands-on lighting control tool for DJs and lighting operators, the perfect partner for the all-important turntable. It allows operators to instantly manipulate the light show via easy-to-use buttons and faders for more spontaneous lighting effects. Ideal for clubs, small touring applications, even larger mobile DJs, Xciter puts programming, playback and live manipulation of light shows at your fingertips.

Fingers: Speaking of fingertips, designed as a hardware interface for Martin’s popular LightJockey software, Fingers permits a large number of LightJockey functions to be mapped directly to physical faders, buttons and jog wheels. This gives the user easy, hands on, live show and playback control. Highly customizable, Fingers makes LightJockey even more intuitive and accessible.

The Wife Updater: The Wife Updater is an easy-to-use accessory that allows users to expand the capabilities of Martin’s The Wife DMX and MIDI analyzer. It contains a number of useful functions including live DMX 512 control for editing fixture personalities and a built-in fixture library to test all attributes on over 200 fixtures. The Wife Updater allows you to edit all 12 preset memories, which contain individual level settings for all 512 channels.

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