RTE Buys Tenth RM105

Standardising on the RM105 fully-modular on-air console, it recently purchased its tenth, with the upgrade of the mixing facilities in its North Donegal regional studio.

The board was supplied by Audio Warehouse, Soundcraft’s Southern Ireland distributors, as a 20-module frame, with three mic and two Telco input modules — and the remainder stereo.

Photo caption: Aine Ni Churrain (facing camera) and Frances Nic Geidigh (operator)

In some of the larger regional studios these desks are interfaced with B400 production desks to allow operation in either compere operated or ‘support’ mode.

“The decision on desk acquisition is made by a user group, consisting of console users and support engineers,” explained Cyril Ryan, head of regional facilities, RTE. “The main reason for selection is functionality and reliability, as these desks are used in remote sites, with little technical support.”

He added that Penny & Giles faders throughout and the RTE/Soundcraft-developed phase mod. (as standard) are further reasons for maintaining faith with the RM105.

The desk was supplied by Audio Warehouse, Soundcraft’s Irish distributor. It was installed by Audiohead, with assistance from RTE’s own regional production engineers. All inputs and outputs were wired to Krone ‘off site’ with jumpering on-site to minimise studio off-time.

The RM105 has been modified to allow talkback to an Aux feed — a necessary implementation at RTE, since they use stereo ISDN in and out.

The North Donegal studio is situated in Dore Beaga — the heart of the Irish (Gaelic) speaking community — and thus the desk is used for the Irish language station. In that capacity it was used for the first time on air after minimal training by Aine Ni Churrain and Ronan Mac Aodha Bhuí.

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