Jands to Unveil New Console

Featuring a major new design that takes advantage of the latest user interfaces, the Vista is a whole new world of speed, ease of use and sheer intuitiveness in lighting desks.

Dispensing with touch screens, keypads and tedious number-crunching,
the Vista uses a pen and a huge colour screen to give you unprecedented
creative power and control over every aspect of your show.

For the first time, the Vista incorporates a timeline that lets you see
what’s happening in your design in relation to time: when lights come on,
when they go off, when they change colour and so on. You can jump in at
any point to edit, and all the variables such as colours, focus and gobos
are there on the one screen.

The Vista also features a generic fixture model that takes all the hassle
out of changing fixtures. When you make a change, the Vista compares
the two lights and works out how to adapt – even if the new light doesn’t
have the same feature set – no re-programming required.

And for the operator, the Vista provides splittable fader banks, a host of
user-definable buttons and assignable encoder wheels to give you
fingertip control of timing, chase speed and more.

The Vista console can be seen at Plasa on the AC Lighting stand, J32


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