VXCO Lighting Systems at PLASA 2003

The company will present news around the DMXCreator computer lighting controller. The newest interface in the product range, the DMXCreator 512 Basic, will be the highlighted product. This product also is nominated for the PLASA award for product excellence.

The combination of the DMXCreator software and the 3 different DMX512-interfaces results in one of the most powerful PC lighting controller on the market.

The DMXCreator software is running on the popular Windows(TM) operating system. It’s packed with features that usually are reserved for large and expensive lighting consoles.

Some of the features are:
3D Visual Emulator, Effects Generator, Track-effects Editor, 16 multi sequences, Midi control, Position-Memory, scene crossfade control, DMX512 input recording, physical master. Each DMX controllable device has its own customized control panel including active elements like pan/tilt field, faders, CMY color mixing and gobo pictures. Due to the graphic user interface and easy drag and drop functions, the user is able to create very complex shows in a short time. The newly embedded “3D Visual Emulator” simulates the movements of the light beams on a virtual stage without any fixtures physically connected.

There are 3 different hardware DMX512 interfaces available:

DMXCreator 512Basic (nominated for PLASA award!)
The interface is the world’s smallest USB to DMX-interface! All necessary electronics are directly built into the XLR connector’s housing. It is possible to contol up to 512 DMX channels.

DMXCreator 512MK2
The interface provides 512 output channels and 512 input channels for DMX512. The connection to the PC is made through the LPT (bidirectional printer) port.

DMXCreator 1024
The interface provides 1024 output channels and 512 input channels for DMX512.The data and power connection to the PC is made trough the fast USB port.

More information and the full software is available for free on www.dmxcreator.com.

VXCO Lighting Systems will be at PLASA Stand Number P82.

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