Martin Professional Fingers

For thousands of LightJockey users worldwide the answer to even more intuitive lighting control is at their fingertips.

Martin Professional’s new Fingers, a handy hardware interface for the popular software based LightJockey controller, is a robust, playback and programming wing that makes LightJockey even more intuitive and accessible, allowing the PC to keep pace with your imagination.

Highly customizable, Fingers permits a large number of the LightJockey functions to be mapped directly to physical faders, buttons and jog wheels. This gives the user easy, hands on, live show and playback control. LightJockey is a Windows-based lighting controller capable of controlling up to 100 DMX fixtures that lets you interface either 512 – 2048 channels. It is used extensively for club and DJ lighting control, special events, retail environments and more.

Fingers allows easy button control for launching programs, trigging of individual or multiple sequences and latching of specific cues/sequences. Next, previous and go functions for manual cuelists can be assigned to a button, and master and sub-master intensities are controllable from easy access faders and bump buttons. Control playback from hands-on faders or jog wheels, or override specific DMX output channels via faders. Even control fog output directly from Fingers’ intuitive layout.

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