The CLS DMX65R is a new and outstanding 19″ rack, digital DMX dimmer based on noiseless IGBT technology.

The unit is only 1U high and offers highly professional features:

– 6 Channels DMX(512) Programmable DIGITAL DIMMER
– Mains: 2 x 16A inlet 100-250V 50-60Hz automatic Switching
– Output: 6 Channels x 5 A by Neutriks Powercon as standard
– Panel with various output connection to choose from by request
– USB input for PC connection
– Electronic Auto protection on each channel with auto reset
– Double fuses on each channel
– Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Temperature protection

The CLS DMX65R is fully programmable:

– CLS auto DMX start address sense, Preheat on each channel
– Maximum value on each channel, Minimum value on each channel
– Dimming or Switchpack select on each channel

PC Program:

– Program all the settings from a laptop
– Program up to 20 Scenes that can be run from the Dimmer *)
– Program Crossfade time on each Scene *)
– Program Pause time on each Scene *)
– View all the Dimmers settings
*) For Stand alone mode

Front in blue anodized aluminium

Because of the noiseless IGBT technology and the special CLS construction, there is no need for heavy chokes and filters used by conventional triac dimming. This takes down the space and weight to a minimum.

For example: six of these DMX65R put together in a rack will give a solution that is extremely compact and light for tourings and installations. 6 Unit
high and 36 channels distributed out by 6 Harting, 6 Socapex, Powercons
or whatever output the user will request. This will give the control of
every lamp in the complete rig and easy flexible assembly at destinations.

The dimmer will be released at Plasa, London 7th September at stand JJ18.

For further information:

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