Symetrix Announces Control I/O

Symetrix, a leading manufacturer of audio signal processing products, announces the release of Control I/O, an RS-485 control peripheral for the SymNet Audio Matrix system.

This inexpensive add-on expands SymNet’s external control capabilities by providing additional ports to a SymNet audio network:

¥ Eight control voltage inputs for encoders, pots or up to 16 contact closures.
¥ Four binary relay and eight open collector outputs.
¥ Four powered Adaptive Remote Control (ARC) ports.
¥ 15-pin joystick MIDI port allows SymNet to connect with standard MIDI
control surfaces and other software/hardware products.

Communication between the Control I/O and a SymNet ring is accomplished via RS-485, so the unit can be placed thousands of feet away from the SymNet system. This significantly increases the flexibility of control routings when designing and installing a SymNet system. Additionally, Control I/O can function as a stand-alone controller for non-SymNet products by using ASCII text messages to configure the unit.

SymNet software support for the Control I/O is included in the SymNet Designer v3.52 application. If you are using any prior v3.5 releases, we strongly recommend downloading the latest software release v3.52.

Please visit the SymNet website for additional information and software downloads:

For more information on professional audio signal processors from Symetrix and Lucid, please phone (425) 787-3222 or refer to the Websites, and

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