ARX Release new EQ 130 Graphic Eq

ARX Systems, the manufacturer of industry standard Signal Processing have released the new EQ 130 Single Channel 1/3rd Octave Graphic Equaliser.

Following in the steps of ARX’s legendary EQ 60, the EQ 130 is ideal for all critical Sound Reinforcement, Installation and Broadcast applications requiring one channel of superb quality equalisation.

The EQ 130 features 30 of our new Extended Resolution long throw, centre grounding sliders, switchable to either ±15dB or ±6dB, for the ideal combination of high fader resolution and maximum cut and boost.

As well, there is a Gain Level control with up to +10 dB of gain; a Clip LED to indicate circuit overload, a sweepable 20-200Hz High Pass filter, and an IN/OUT hardwire bypass switch with optional transformer output.

With it’s state of the art circuitry and ultra low noise design the EQ 130 boasts a Signal to Noise of 95dB un-weighted , a dynamic range of 120dB and Distortion lower than .004% at 100Hz, 1Khz and 10KHz.

Further details from ARX at:

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