First Geo to Millenium Forum

The first Nexo GEO S system to be installed in the UK or Ireland was finally commissioned in the Millennium Forum, Derry, by Rea Sound (NI) Ltd.

The theatre’s technical manager, Jim Nelis, was demonstrated a number of key sound systems, but ultimately chose the Nexo GEO series for the clarity and quality of sound throughout the auditorium.

This 800-plus seated auditorium required a sound system that would cope with the wide range of uses, from poetry recitals to modern pop and rock bands, from local school productions to West End extravaganzas. With the GEO system the theatre is able to provide a high quality sound system previously lacking in Ireland’s largest purpose built theatre.

Rea Sound (NI) Ltd, the Irish Nexo dealer, installed the system, consisting of seven GEO S805, one GEO S830 and a pair of CD12 sub each side of the stage.

The installation team used specially-design brackets to fly the GEO system, which was positioned and angled using the Nexo GEO software package.

The driving force behind these speakers consisted of six Camco Vortex amplifiers and Nexo NX241 digital controllers, with constant equalisation provided by Symetrix 533E Dual Channel 31-Band Graphic Equaliser.

Said Jim Nelis, “A lot of visiting artists have complimented us on the superb sound quality, and it has saved them from having to use their own gear.”

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