ZioPages Gets Over 20.000

Summer 2003 is a time to remember for ZioGiorgio network.

As a matter of fact, some days ago the number of subscribers in the “ZioPages” database got over 20.000, which confirms that ZioPages is “de facto” the most important and up-to-date directory of entertainment professionals, visited daily by thousands of other professionals from all over the world.

ZioGiorgio network was born as a community of Italian sound and light engineers and has grown up to become a unique example of world-wide community of entertainment professionals.

For more than two years ZioGiorgio network has been posting technical news in six languages thanks to six autonomous editorial offices and it has become a consolidated information reality for this field everywhere in the world.

So, we can enter the “heat of this Summer thinking that we have done a good job…
…and we can already tell you that we’ll offer you a lot of important news in September…
… but hush! It’s still Top Secret!

ZioGiorgio Global Network

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