Event Tech Choose Radian MicroWedge

Radian Audio Engineering’s MicroWedge series of low profile, ultra-compact monitor wedges have been winning friends in live performance and broadcast applications. A recent series of fundraising events has now thrust MicroWedge into the spotlight in the corporate world through Event Tech, a Maryland-based event production company.

MicroWedge stage monitors have regularly provided podium foldback in the
standard mobile stage setup that Event Tech has fielded for the opening and
closing ceremonies of a series of fundraising events across the U.S. this
year. That included the Tour de Friends, a four-day, 330-mile bike ride from
North Carolina to Washington D.C. to raise funds in support of people living
with HIV/AIDS.

Artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and Blink-182 have
adopted the MicroWedge for their onstage monitoring, while the BBC, ITV and
Channel 4 in the UK also regularly use them. Now, Event Tech has discovered
that they are equally well suited to corporate events.

“We use the Radian MicroWedges for foldback for the presenters at the
podium, and to fold back audio from the video that we play on a large
outdoor LED wall,” explains company president and owner Eric Maynard. “That
way, the presenter has some foldback of the information that the audience
and event participants are hearing.”

With all of the audio equipment transported on a Stage Line SL250 Mobile
stage and with many events attracting local and national TV coverage, it is
important for the onstage monitors to not only sound good but also look good
and be discrete, notes Maynard. “These 12-inch MicroWedges were brand new,
clean, low profile, and clear, which is helpful as far as fidelity goes. For
a 12-inch speaker they sound great, I have to say.”

He continues, “They’re very clean, and the design isn’t so boxy–and clients
like the way they look. They’re durable, but we also put them in a padded
case, because we don’t want any problems with the way they look.”

For the events, the Radian MicroWedges join a compact package of high-end
audio components on the Stage Line trailer. “We have 12 flown JBL VerTecs, a
very small mix arrangement with an Allen & Heath GL3300 console, and a pair
of EV Polar Choice podium microphones,” reports Maynard.

In addition to the Tour de Friends, Event Tech has supplied equipment to
fundraising events in Boston, Cincinnati, Chicago, and San Francisco this
year, with further events scheduled for Portland, New York and Los Angeles.
The company is a supplier of services to a huge number of corporate and
political events, which have recently included the 2003 Capital Pride
Festival, the Johns Hopkins University 2003 Commencements, Barney and
Friends in Concert, and the 2003 MD Governor’s Inauguration. Event Tech
regularly services the American Red Cross National Headquarters in
Washington, D.C. for their public events.

About Event Tech:
Founded in 1981, and centrally located between Baltimore, MD and Washington
D.C., Event Tech has built its reputation as a full-service supplier with an
extensive in-house inventory of the most up-to-date technology of audio,
lighting, staging, temporary power solutions, and video production.

About Radian Audio Engineering:
Based in Southern California, Radian Audio Engineering is a leading
manufacturer of loudspeakers and speaker components for permanent installed
sound systems and touring live sound applications.

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