Robe Specified for Twin Towns

Mick James of Venutech (Venue Technologies) has specified Robe Show Lighting ColorMix 250 ATs and Spot 575 XT wash fixtures for a new installation at the Twin Towns Services Club in Australia.

Twin Towns is Australia’s largest services club, located in Coolangata, famous for it’s unusual location that physically straddles the states of Queensland and New South Wales.

The venue provides 6 levels of entertainment, dining and leisure as well as hotel accommodation and is operational 24 hours a day.

The Robe kit is installed in the Images lounge bar. Robe was supplied to installers Venutech by Australian distributor ULA, specified after a demo by ULA and Venutech to the client.

The new-look lighting in Images is primarily architectural and ambient, with six of the 575s used exclusively for bathing the ceiling with colour and movement. The fixtures are mounted low, beneath bulkheads at the sides of the room, psychologically increasing the space’s sense of height.

The installation has had immediate positive impact, creating a new feel, texturing and colouration for the whole room. Mick James comments that mood lighting was an obvious choice – and that the fixtures look good in their own right as well as being subtle in effect, and following the natural curvature of the building.

The lights are rigged so they can also be used for the stage, which is busy with different live performances every day, and all lighting is controlled from a ShowMagic console.

Venutech chose the Robe products because they are well featured and easy to use and install. ULA confirms that the brand is definitely taking off in Australia! They are impressed with the light output, reliability and cost effectiveness of the products.

ULA has also supplied Robe gear to a series of fashion store shows – where the Spot 150/160 XT comes into its own because of the long lamp life and onboard programming facilities – as well as to nightclubs and bars, hotels, TV studios and rental companies.

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