Impulse Takes Control

Hands-on, live manipulation of music is key to any dynamic club or music venue, so why isn’t your light show keeping pace?

The new Xciter from Martin Professional is a hands-on lighting control tool for DJs and lighting operators, the perfect partner for the all-important turntable. This advanced lighting controller allows operators to instantly manipulate the light show via easy-to-use buttons and faders for more spontaneous lighting effects. Ideal for clubs, small touring applications, even larger mobile DJs, Xciter puts programming, playback and live manipulation of light shows at your fingertips.

Live control
Let impulse take control. Improvise to match the mood by manipulating light shows live with instant pitch control, freeze, flash, blackout, master control and more. Apply any effect and delay to any parameter for more advanced effects.

Functions like strobe, smoke and more can be assigned to each of four programmable customisable buttons for personalized, intuitive control. Assign effects, scenes or dimmer to any of six faders and flash buttons and access them live during playback. Keep your finger on the pulse by increasing or decreasing the show speed by up to 5 times using the convenient pitch fader.

With Xciter you can control up to 20 fixtures, each up to 48 channels – max of 512 channels (soon to control up to 40 fixtures with a software upgrade). Up to 160 cues containing 4 sequences can run simultaneously. Sequences can be triggered via an internal clock, manually or via audio or BPM. Up to 10 manual override scenes can be accessed during playback.

Additional features
Also incorporated are 20 general-purpose buttons so operators can select cues or fixtures directly. Xciter also includes a joystick for manual pan/tilt control. Pan/tilt effects include timing effects and 20 pan/tilt presets. Other features include direct access to dimmer channels, a master fader adjustment for general light intensity control, and easy control of generic dimmers.

Simple operation
Extremely easy to navigate, Xciter features an easy-to-read, blue backlight LCD display for show menu, dialogue and fader label presentation, as well as a jog wheel that makes it easy to scroll through fader pages. Connect your PC directly to Xciter via the USB connection to update fixture libraries, export/import shows, for show back up, editing, and more.

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