i-Vision Revs Up Citroen Showroom

Architectural and feature lighting specialists i-vision has supplied Castle Park Motors in Limerick, Republic of Ireland, with a stunning lighting scheme for their new car showroom.

Owner Michael Burns wanted his large glass-fronted, dual level building to be a talking point of the town – in addition to enhancing the featured cars, attracting customers, impressing passing traffic and reinforcing an exciting brand image.

He’s already had a great result with the lighting!

The scheme was designed by i-vision’s Geoff Jones and Tim Matthews, and installed and commissioned by a team of i-vision technicians led by Chris Webber. The idea was to create a radically different, maximum impact animation effect in the showroom using varying light levels, sequences and colour changes. Essentially they’ve turned the showroom into a public stage.

Fixtures are mounted on a framework of 6 inch stainless steel pipes, designed specifically for the venue and fabricated by a local metalworker. Six Coef Sirro 150s, colour changing, wide angle wash lights are mounted on the outside edge of this structure, spotlighting the six cars on the showroom floor.

Three I-vision Vision 250 moving heads are used for effects including beaming gobo projections around the rooms large open surfaces. These lamps are fully loaded with glass custom gobos including Castle Park Motors and Citroen logos.

The versatile scheme is also designed to cater for occasions like special events, promotions and galas taking place in the space.

Ariane 50 W colour-changing up lighters, flush with the floor, are positioned all along the front of the showroom windows, under light sensor control that switches them off during daylight. These blend seamlessly into whatever ‘show’ is running in the main room at the time.

The showroom control system is also custom made by I-vision for the project. It contains a flashable USB DMX controller, programmed via a laptop. The user can select different shows from eight front-panel buttons, and the controller can be reprogrammed or updated as desired.

In the entrance lobby, I-vision has installed 50W colour changing up lighters, and the main reception area features two further Cirro 150s, linked to the vehicle colour changing luminaires in the showroom.

The picture is completed with a huge Dirkson clock gobo projector that beams a 6 ft real-time analogue clock image – also incorporating the Castle Park Motors logo – onto the wall behind the reception desk. This innovative concept has led to many people – in various states of mind – stopping and puzzling over how a working clock can appear on a surface without any supporting structure.

Michael Burns comments “I’m very happy with the lighting. I-vision has been great to work with on all fronts, and the project is already proving a major success in attracting interest.”

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