PCM at ShowTech 2003

PCM, UK-based specialists in lifting, moving and flying equipment is showing a selection of the standard and special Columbus McKinnon Lodestar and Prostar hoists it stocks, plus its unique, award-winning Pilewind winch.

The company is the most proactive UK and European distributors for Lodestars having launched the product in Europe in 1993.

BGV C1/ VBG 70 Lodestars

Lodestar motors available from PCM include the standard rigging range, the BGV C1/ VBG 70 hoists with special safety features and the FX Star range with variable speed – now available for theatrical use.
The BGV C1 Lodestars have double brakes- each capable of stopping the full load; double the normal hoist safety factor, with a chain safety factor of 10:1; 4-position limit switches including emergency switches; 24 volt control; under/overload electronic protection and a slack chain detection device.

Variable Speed FX Star motors

The FX Star has all the BGV C1 features and also has an internal PLC/ inverter and internal networking software, so all hoists can communicate with each other, and with the master controller, via a Profibus connection. The FX Star offers Variable speed as standard allowing the hoist to be run from between 20% to 140% of the standard speed. The special hoists have both absolute and incremental encoders, with up to 500 pulses per revolution of the load chain wheel.


PCM also shows the new compact CM Prostar hoists, with increased capacities and speeds. This higher speed version will climb at 6 or 10m/min (increased from the industry standard 4 metres a minute). A new 227 Kg SWL @ 4m per minute version is also shown.

PCM In Control

PCM also highlights the control options available with the BGV C1 and FX Star hoists. The safety features need to be monitored to ensure correct operation. Both manual and computerised control options are available.

Award-winning Pilewind Winch

PCM’s Pilewind won a PLASA Product Excellence Award last year. It’s designed for multipurpose theatrical applications, and lessens the physical strain of hand-winding. Available in 250 Kg or 500 Kg models, PCM’s Pilewind winch offers quick and easy raising and lowering of elements like stage scenery and lighting bars.

Fully contained within a protective housing, the winch has a drum capacity of 10 metres and up to 5 suspension lines, plus an integral self-sustaining gearbox that maintains the applied load. With practicality, installation and maintenance to the fore, the Pilewind can be completely stripped down into three manageable sections simply by removing 5 bolts.

Direct to Germany

PCM recently announced its takeover of the manufacturing and sales of special Lodestar hoists from sister company Pfaff Stage Technology, and the simultaneous launch a new UK-based operation for supplying these hoists directly to the German market. All customised and non-standard Lodestars are now supplied from PCM.

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