The highlight at this years Prolight & Sound booth from VXCO is the smallest USB to DMX512 interface available called DMXCreator512. It provides 512 DMX ouput channels. The necessary electronics is directly built into the XLR cable connector. The interface is supported by the standard DMXCreator software and is suitable for all applications that requires not more than 512 DMX channels and no DMX input.

The stand alone memory of the well established DMXCreator512MK2 interface is expanded from 2000 to 8000 scenes. This allows applications that require autonomous playback of high amount of scenes / sequences such as architectural applications or club shows. In this stand alone mode, the PC may be disconnected and the scenes and sequences can be recalled trough an attachable standard pc keyboard. The dmx input of the interface box is also available in this mode and allows to set dimmer functions or other controls manually from any external dmx desk.

More informations and the free software are available on www.dmxcreator.com

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