Making (New) Waves…

New Wave Truss caught the eye of the judges again in Las Vegas, picking up a Buyers Choice Award for innovation at the Exhibitor 2003 trade show. The small truss with a growing reputation adds this prize to the “Debuting Product of the Year” award it won at LDI 2002 and the “Product of the Year – Rigging and Hardware” LDI 2001 won by the OMNI connector, a variant of which is used in new wave.

The Judges at the Exhibitor Show were impressed with many features of the truss, giving special mention to its pleasing good looks, versatility and branding capabilities. Many positive comments were also made about the weight of the truss (approximately 1lb per linear foot) and the reduced cost of drayage from loading dock to show floor.

In addition to the strong, lightweight and infinitely customizable carbon fiber truss, the acrylic p-wave version is now ready to ship.

For further information contact:

Peter Johns
805 676 3322
[email protected]

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