i-Vision supplies GODSKITCHEN

Laser specialists i-vision recently supplied lasers and major ‘WOW’ factors at two huge events for superclub GODSKITCHEN – the world’s leading dance music event organiser.

The first event was ‘A Gift From The Gods’ trance Spring Ball at Newcastle Telewest Arena, enjoyed by 7,500 party people. This was followed shortly after by the first ever GODSKITCHEN event in Wales – their ‘Carnival’ experience – staged at Cardiff Ice Rink.

The Telewest show featured 7 lasers – a massive 5 Watt DPSS plus six 2.5 Watt DPSS’s. At the Cardiff show, I-vision stunned and amazed punters with four laser systems – a 5 Watt and three 2.5 Watt DPSSs.

Both events were programmed and crew chief’d for I-vision by Chris Webber, who worked alongside operator Alex Pearn and service engineer Gerry Stevens.

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