New Gobo Rotators by Chroma-Q™

Since the successful launch of Chroma-Q™ colour changers in March 1996, the brand has now diversified to incorporate Gobo Rotators, providing the lighting professional with a more comprehensive range of professional lantern accessories.

Whilst retaining traditional Chroma-Q™ values of high quality, reliability, and affordability, ‘technical innovation’ is certainly the latest addition to become synonymous with the brand, as proven by the new line of Gobo Rotators.

The new range consists of the Chroma-Q™ Junior, Chroma-Q™ Twin, and Chroma-Q™ Twin DMX.

The Chroma-Q™ Junior

The Junior, specifically designed to fit the ETC Source Four™ Junior lantern, holds ‘M-size’ gobos, features basic manual speed adjustment, and is supplied complete with a small standalone power supply.

The Chroma-Q™ Twin, and Chroma-Q™ Twin DMX

The Chroma-Q™ Twin and a Twin DMX models have been developed for ETC Source Four™, Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL, and Selecon Pacific fixtures, and house B-size gobos. Both the models share the same high quality drive system, resulting in truly near-silent operation, and guarantee long-term reliability.

The most innovative developments can be found with the Chroma-Q™ Twin rotator, as it not only offers remote control of both speed and direction, but also a unique effects mode. This offers standalone operation of pre-programmed rotational effects, which include ‘pendulum’, ‘shimmer’, and ‘exhibition’ modes – ideal for a diverse range of display applications.

The Twin DMX model is compatible with Chroma-Q™ power supplies, with all features controlled via DMX.

Every model in the range feature a bi-directional variable speed control, ranging from 0.5 – 20 rpm, and accommodate both metal and glass gobos up to 2mm in thickness.

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