OptiLED at GlobalShop

OptiLED, designer and distributor of revolutionary lighting products, will be introducing its new LED lamp to the retail world at GlobalShop 2003, which takes place in Chicago, March 16-18. If you want your retail lighting to stand out from the crowd, the OptiLED lamps are a must-see!

Focusing on the retail lighting market, modern styling has been combined with ground-breaking technology to ensure that there is no compromise between design and functionality. Not only will OptiLED lamps blend seamlessly with contemporary in-store design, but higher than normal output along with extremely good energy efficiency, makes these new LEDs indispensable for anyone connected with lighting.

OptiLED’s product literature will tell you that although the LED used in the CHIP series lamp is only 1W, it yields between 15-30 lumens per Watt, with an extremely long life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours for red LEDs and 50,000 hours for the super bright white lamps. And, unlike most existing LED lamps, which require numerous LEDs to create a satisfactory sized spot, thanks to revolutionary optical systems from Light Prescription Innovators (LPI) the CHIP uses only a single LED and still gives a higher than average output.

But what does this mean? Power consumption will be reduced, so reducing costs; the light output is confined to a narrow band, giving improved contrast and superior visual quality; and the long-life element means there’ll be no need to replace them for years to come (over 11 years continuous use for red LEDs!). Durability is also an important factor and, as OptiLED’s CHIP lamps are not made of glass, they are less likely to break if dropped. With five colours and a selection of bases and angle diffusers, OptiLED’s CHIP series offers retail lighting designers not only better value but also a much wider choice.

Providing a stylish, compact and cost-effective solution, the CHIP series – incorporating spot, MR16 and festoon options – has been designed to appeal to the image conscious lighting designer. Perfect for the retail sector, the lamps are available as standard in red, blue, amber, white or green on all styles, plus red/orange and blue/green are also available in the Festival festoon style. A highly efficient light output combined with long life ensures minimum maintenance, making CHIP lamps also ideal for display, floor and table lighting in bars and clubs, hotels and corporate installations, as well as outdoor and architectural lighting to illuminate anything from walkways to buildings.

With sales and distribution offices in various locations around the world, including America, Europe and Asia, OptiLED draws on a wealth of experience and expertise to provide its customers with an unrivalled, high quality, fast service as well as leading edge products that set industry standards. You really have to see the CHIP lamps first hand to fully appreciate their impact and staff from OptiLED will be available at booth 2448 to answer any questions and to demonstrate products from the new CHIP range.

For further information telephone the America Corporate and Sales office on +1 866 678 4533 or visit www.optiled.biz.

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