Robe Launches ColorSpot 1200

The ColorSpot 1200 is the latest addition to Robe’s comprehensive AT (Advanced Technology) family of moving head and colour changing fixtures. It is designed as the ultimate creative tool for large theatre, TV and live shows, and for installations in multi-purpose venues and large clubs.

The fixture uses a powerful Phillips 1200 short arc discharge lamp lightsource. The brightness is further boosted by a high quality super-efficient optical system, making the ColorSpot 1200 one of the brightest moving fixtures currently on the market.

As you would expect, the fixture is built to Robe’s exacting engineering specifications, and is robust, reliable ….. and feature packed. It will also be a cost effective solution for lighting designers of all disciplines wanting maximum power and flexibility.

Major ColorSpot 1200 features include a versatile CMY colour mixing system, variable CTO plus an additional colour wheel, 12 rotating indexable, replaceable dichroic glass gobos on two wheels offering 48 gobo combinations, iris, 4 rotating prisms and effects, variable frost, an incredibly flexible 13 – 42 degree linear zoom, remote focus, dimmer and shutter.

It’s progressive colour temperature correction system – from 5600K to 3200K is designed for use in television and film applications.

ColorSpot 1200 Specification includes

* 1200W short-arc discharge lamp
* Remote lamp on/off
* CMY colour mixing system
* Progressive Colour temperature correction system
* 1 combined colour gobo wheel with 6 replaceable positions and open
* 2 separate rotating indexable gobo wheels, with 6 replaceable slots on each wheel taking E-size dichroic glass gobos, plus open
* Additional rotating effects wheel with four rotating indexable effects (prisms and beam shapers)
* Separate variable frost effect
* Motorised stepless iris
* Motorised 13 – 42 degree linear Zoom
* Remote controlled motorised focus
* Combined mechanical dimmer shutter
* Smooth micro-step driven dimming
* Variable strobing at 1 – 10 flashes per second
* Pre-programmed Macros with variable/random pulse effects
* Remotely controlled fan speed
* Pan 530 degrees, tilt 280 degrees
* Selectable 8 or 16 bit Pan/Tilt movement resolution
* Automatic pan/tilt position correction
* Addressing, personality settings and effects calibration via graphic LCD display
* Stand alone master/slave operation
* On-board programming with 3 programmes of 99 steps each
* 24 DMX channels

Robe Show Lighting’s Josef Valchar comments, “The ColorSpot 1200 was the next logical step for us, having launched the AT series at PLASA last year. Our aim to is have a complete range of AT fixtures for all lighting requirements – from architectural projects to retail and installation, and of course all types of live performance and events.”

Robe Show Lighting products are available in the US from Robe America and in the UK from Coe-tech Ltd.

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