Spotlight “LX Designer”

LxDesigner is a 2D lighting design software package for PC. It is comprehensive and user-friendly, and it is aimed at producing high quality theatre lighting plans and reports in no time and with a basic knowledge of CAD programs.

This package can be installed on Windows® 95, 98, 2000 or NT does not require other utilities or database. It includes various libraries containing lots of symbols of fixtures and trusses.

Users can draw the plans by loading preset models in the working area. Trusses and fixtures can be selected simply by dragging them from the database into the area.

Users can then add special features such as Colour-filters and Channel-numbers simply by clicking on the fixture.

The software offers also reports and lists interactively associated with the lighting plan where users can store information such as filters, names, equipment and truss.

Both the plans and the reports may directly printed or exported to other applications.

To download the software free of charge CLICK HERE

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