Martin Alien 02 Pendant Version

Martin Architectural’s Alien 02, a low maintenance color-changing fixture for permanent installations, is now available in a pendant version.

The Alien 02 Pendant differs from the original Alien 02 spot in both appearance and tilt adjustment possibilities. The illumination head of the Pendant, fitted at the end of a flexible extension arm, allows the tilt angle of the fixture to be adjusted in two separate places, offering flexibility in both appearance and functionality. The extension arm also conceals the power and data cables, which lead to a central point from where they can be extended in a recessed ceiling or via a junction box.

The Alien 02 Pendant employs a long-life 150W CDM lamp (included) that lasts a long 6000 hours meaning the Alien 02 is an ideal low maintenance fixture for permanent installations.

Featuring full-range color mixing and intensity control, it is ideal for color wash lighting in a wide variety of architectural applications such as store lighting, atriums and other high ceiling applications, hotel receptions, bars and canteens, corporate meeting rooms and more. Furthermore, the Alien 02 has the unique ability to change from functional to event lighting in an instant.

The Alien 02 offers wide-spectrum color mixing. Advanced CMY technology uses the three complementary colors cyan, magenta and yellow to generate a vast range of tints, shades and saturates. The system ensures even distribution of color and smooth color cross fades.

Full-range intensity control is provided for by a mechanical dimming system, a unique feature for a CDM luminaire.

In order to satisfy nearly all photometric requirements, the Alien 02 offers various lens options together with barn doors and louvers. Light distribution depends on the lens chosen: spot, flood or wall washer.

Designed to allow for various configurations, the Alien 02 can be floor, ceiling and wall mounted, or suspended as a pendant. The remote base allows for discrete installation.

The Alien 02 can be controlled via DMX or by using its programmable stand-alone feature with an infrared remote control.

For more information contact PR Coordinator Larry Beck at Martin Professional on:

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