Barndoor Option for MAC 2000 Wash

Designed especially for use in theatrical environments or situations where
greater control of the beam of an automated wash light is required, Martin
has developed a fully motorized and fully closing set of barndoors for the
MAC 2000 Wash.

The barndoors were conceived in the original design process of the fixture
after consultation with lighting designers from around the world. The
barndoors come fitted with a wide angle lens as standard, but can be fitted
with the Fresnel or PC lenses that are supplied with the MAC 2000 Wash

Quarter-turn screws allow users to easily remove the standard front lens and
replace it with the barndoor module, complete with lens. No cables are
needed as the module plugs directly into a socket already equipped on every
MAC 2000 Wash fixture.

An individual DMX channel controls each of the barndoors’ four blades.
Additionally, each blade can fully close over the beam of the fixture. For
further flexibility, an additional DMX channel gives rotational control over
the entire module, allowing it to be rotated through 100 degrees. This gives
the possibility to align both the small and large doors to any angle

Now, with this practical and convenient accessory, designers can have full
beam control over their high-powered wash fixtures at anytime.

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