Extreme Portable Dimming: SmartPack

If density and economy are critical but modularity is not required, SmartPack is the answer. ETC has put Sensor-level, thyristor-based technological elegance into this new 19″, 2U rack-mount unit – without messy wires and without ever sacrificing performance. With six or twelve channels of dimming density in a super-compact space and maximum density at a competitive rate, ETC’s SmartPack is extremely good value.

SmartPack’s all-magnetic circuit breakers are 100% rated to avoid nuisance tripping and you can safely plug in more lights, with the assurance of uninterrupted operation and extreme reliability.

With built-in presets and a sequencer, SmartPack can run on its own – without a console – automating permanent displays and presentations. The Auto Re-start provides convenient hands-off operation, day after day. And you don’t have to be a dimming technician to program a sophisticated basic light show with SmartPack. The sequencer makes setting up fadetimes and holdtimes easy and intuitive.

Available with either six 15A dimmers or twelve 10A dimmers, SmartPack is a great addition to an existing system or the foundation of a new equipment package for theatres, clubs, on location TV, ballrooms and road shows!

Unlike other dimmers in the ultra-portable category, SmartPack is exceptionally quiet, so there is no interference with acoustics.

Like all ETC portable dimmers, SmartPack is extremely roadworthy, the rugged all-steel case tolerating extreme vibration up to 8g. For low maintenance, the tough front panel protects circuit breakers from cables and accidental switching, while the elegant design and construction minimises the need for servicing. SmartPack’s thyristors are integrated into a single high-performance powerblock and are replaceable in minutes without soldering (simply unscrew the top panel to access all components).

Compatible with the next-generation DMX512A show control, SmartPack is also upgradeable to RDM (Remote Device Management). And for total versatility and convenience, it offers a full range of output connectors (CEE17, UK 15A Roundpin, French 10/16, Power Con, Socapex, Harting and Schuko) along with multi-language capability as standard options. Shock-tested and built to take abuse, SmartPack is CE marked and UL/cUL listed.

Available in six voltage and current ratings for all global markets, SmartPack means extreme adaptability and performance. Have SmartPack, will travel.

If you would like to know more about ETC, please visit www.etcconnect.com.

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