Long “Dim” and Prosper

Stagetec Distribution – Slough based sole UK importer of Compulite and LSC products – has supplied the new LSC ePRO e1220 dimmers to leading lighting rental company LSD Fourth Phase via Acutek, in the form of a high specification 72 x 20A Touring System with a full compliment of facilities.

These went straight into action on the giant “Star Trek – The Experience” exhibition, staged in a huge tented arena in London’s Hyde Park. The e1220 dimmers are built specifically for arduous use – high loads and long running hours.

Stagetec started targeting ePRO dimmers at the rental market last year, with clients including AVC, MCL and Terry Tew amongst others, and also in a joint venture with Acutek Control Solutions. The latter had been conducting extensive research into the demand for an “ideal” dimmer module for a range of flight-cased systems they wanted to market, catering for between 24 and 72 channels.

LSD, meanwhile was looking for new dimming systems to replace old stock. They wanted a simple to use, high spec 12 channel module, usable either in ‘stand alone’ mode complete with its own control electronics or able to be incorporated into a rack system. A demo ePRO was sent out by Stagetec, and quickly proved it’s worth, running tungsten’s and fluorescents plus inductive loads.

However, in addition to the simplicity of use, quietness and duty cycle of the ePRO that LSD thought was excellent, they also wanted some special enhancements added to each module. This included – 20 Amps per channel, phase and neutral protection as standard on each channel, load neons in addition to the standard mimic neons, plus plenty of ‘marking up’ space…

LSC rose to the occasion. The result was the ePRO e1220 module – a module that moves enough heat, stays very quiet and still resides in a shallow 3U rackspace. This module is now available through Stagetec, LSC’s exclusive UK distributors.

The ePRO system designed by Acutek for LSD also includes a Wieland patch bay with 4 sockets per channel allowing direct access to fully load the system with 4 lamps per channel, hot power for moving lights, DMX distribution and MCCB protection with a switchable RCD to each module (30mA, 300mA and off settings). It also provides the innovative bar chart ‘Power Monitoring System’ for immediate, independent display of phase voltages and currents, neutral current and a visual for earth leakage, particularly handy when the RCD is turned off.

Stagetec’s Mick Cocker comments, “LSC once again responded directly to client demands, proving that they are a versatile and adaptable manufacturer. We’re also expecting the e1220 to become a firm favourite in the film, TV and exhibition market”.

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