New Ego 03 Simply Kaleidoscopic

The Martin “egolution” continues with the Ego 03, a one-of-a-kind 250-watt
deco effect featuring colorful, ever-changing kaleidoscopic patterns.

Similar to a kaleidoscope, you remember, those tube-shaped optical toys that
rotate to produce symmetrical designs by means of mirrors and bits of
colored glass, the Ego 03 is a visual treat, projecting a varying barrage of
psychedelic gobo designs.

The Ego 03 features high precision optics, a specially designed color/gobo
wheel, and sharp and detailed kaleidoscopic gobo designs, all in a great
looking composite shell. Other features include variable behavior options,
selectable auto or music trig, remote operation, switch mode power supply
and much more.

Top quality optics
The Philips ELC/5H, 24 V / 250 watt source (included) gives up to 500 hours
of operation. A continuous duty cycle and fan cooling means the effect can
run continuously all night long with no cool down time needed. Ego 03 houses
extremely sharp projection optics that combine with a precise manual focus
adjustment to produce detailed, clear projections.

Control options
An adjustable rotation speed and adjustable dynamic speed “behavior trig”
puts DJs in the driver’s seat. This music trigger control is a one-of-a-kind
variable behavior tuner that allows DJs to adjust how aggressively the
effect reacts to music in trig mode – relaxed, intermediate or quick. The
Ego 03 operates in stand-alone in either auto or music trig mode or can be
controlled via remote control.

Easy handling
At only eight pounds Ego 03 is both lightweight and highly portable. The
composite design is made of rugged molded plastic and looks great in a rig.
A convenient handle and lens protection ring makes for easy transport and
handling, and a switch mode power supply makes set up even more
straightforward. A special Ego carrying bag is also available which will
hold two fixtures.

The Ego 03 can be used in a wide variety of DJ and club applications and
joins the initial Ego versions, Ego 01 and Ego 02, to form a genuine
collector range. Look for more lights in the Ego series to follow.

Ego 03
* 250W halogen lamp included
* Kaleidoscopic flower effect
* Precision optics
* Specially designed color/gobo wheel
* Cool composite design
* Variable rotation speed
* Variable behaviour – adjusts reaction to music
* Selectable auto or music trig
* Precise focus adjustment
* Easy handling
* Optional ego remote available
* Upload socket for future software improvements

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