Gobos Go Funky!

Gobo specialists Projected Image UK Ltd announce an exciting new catalogue containing over 350 stunning new gobo designs from the Beacon Gobo Group.

As UK members of the international Beacon Gobo Group, Projected Image can now offer the full range of new designs from this innovative catalogue – “Beacon Choice”. These are available in all sizes to suit both conventional and automated luminaries.

To celebrate the launch, Projected Image is offering a selection of special promotional rates, available between now until the end of April 2003.

Catalogue Monochrome gobos £ 30.00 each

10 or more £ 24.00 each

20 or more £ 22.50 each

Anyone interested in the catalogue’s colour gobo designs should contact Projected Image for further details.

Projected Image is using the latest graphics technology to create even better gobos, offering exceptional resolution, sharper text and vector shapes, an improved range of greyscales and smoother gradients. Their unique black coated glass reduces unwanted reflections and produces the sharpest, most crisp, projected image available.

For copies of this latest catalogue, contact:

Projected Image UK Ltd
Three Mills Studios
Three Mill Lane
E3 3DU

Tel : +44 (20) 8215 3331
Fax : +44 (20) 8215 3472
E-Mail: [email protected]

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