Martin MX-10 Scanner

The scanner is back.

The unique world of the nightclub demands cutting-edge products, and they
don’t come more cutting-edge than the MX-10. Martin Professional offers a
high speed, 250-watt scanner packed with power, colors, gobos and more.

The MX-10 is the latest in Martin’s popular MX series. With its high octane
mix of super-fast features and razor-sharp gobos, the MX-10 guarantees
clubbers a fresh new surge of energy.

The MX-10 combines a top quality achromatic lens system with a full 250
watts of power to produce unprecedented brightness for a scanner in its

The MX-10 also breaks new ground in speed and agility. High velocity
pan/tilt, and an improved shutter design make this the fastest scanner out

Ideal for use in larger disco and nightclub environments, the MX-10 houses
12 replaceable colors with split colors possibilities, 8 rotating gobo
patterns, and a rotating, 3-facet prism.

For added flexibility, the prism, gobos and colors are all replaceable,
allowing the MX-10 to be tailored to a wide variety of environments.

· 250W MSD lamp
· Achromatic lens system
· High velocity pan/tilt movement
· Gobo indexing
· 12 replaceable colors + open and split positions
· 8 replaceable gobos + open
· Gobo indexing
· Dimmer/shutter

· Interchangeable rotating prism
· Remote focus
· Housing: UV reistant and fiber reinforced
· Control via DMX 512 or hand-held IR remote control in stand-alone mode

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